Sovereign Sounds is a full-service agency with a focus on talent management and artist development. Our mission is to provide rising creatives with the knowledge and resources needed to enable creativity while ultimately retaining their creations and ownership. 

Sovereign Sounds was born from the experience of running the subsidiary, Sovereign Management Group (SMG.) CEO, DeShaun (D.B.) Bennett, began his music industry journey in 2015 solely focused on artist management; however soon realized this was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to fostering creative ownership and successfully developing, independent artists. This realization led D.B. to expand SMG, adding cost effective, a la carte services that independent artists could benefit from inside and outside the booth. Thus, Sovereign Sounds was born. Rising, entertainment industry stars have since found a home at Sovereign Sounds and SMG. 

At Sovereign Sounds, we use our industry and skill expertise to provide top of the line consultation services in the areas of: Marketing, Brand Development, Streaming & Playlisting, Music Synchronization, A&R, and Talent Management.